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Christian Fiction by Century- Part 1- Rome to Conquest

I'm rather taking my cue from Rosanne E Lortz here, who a few years ago made a list of Historical Fiction by Century. So I'm adapting it for Christian Fiction by century, specifically focused on the Medieval period (though I might do a post-Medieval List its likely to be quite full), starting at the time when many historians regard the Medieval period to have begun- with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth and sixth centuries A.D.
Readers are welcome to suggest titles to add to the list, so without further ado......

Early Medieval Period (sometimes referred to as 'The Dark Ages', a term which some Medievalists do not like, and so I have not used).

AD 410-597- The Fifth & Sixth Century

 King Arthur!

Whether or not he existed, the legendary British King and Warlord is quite well-represented in Christian Fiction. Here's a selection of novels, set during the period above, and incorporating the Arthurian legends.

AD 597- 799 - The Seventh and Eighth Century

From the landing of Augustine on the shores of Britain to the coming of the Vikings. Anglo-Saxons (my favourites) come in here.

AD 800 - 1065- Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Century to the Norman Conquest 

From Charlemagne to the Norman Conquest and everything in between, including Vikings

* The Miracle Thief by Iris Anthony is technically General Market fiction, but meets CBA standards according to some reviewers.

Returning next time with the Norman Conquest and the Middle Ages. Up to the Tudors. See you then and Happy Reading.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Brigid of Ireland. It's now available on Kindle, by the way, and I hope to have a sequel out next year.

    1. Thanks for visiting Cindy. I did know about the Kindle Edition, and considered including a picture of that too- but I was worried about space.
      A sequel sounds very interesting. I do have the paperback edition and will eventually get around to reading it, but my TBR pile is long.


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