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So, I've finally joined this newfangled Pinterest thingy. I rather like the idea of a montage of pictures devoted to a particular subject. Hence, I am sharing here a two of my first boards. This first one was created because I love the Anglo-Saxon period (roughly 500-1066 AD), and I am very exited about two new titles set in that period due out this year, Oswald: Return of the King by Edoardo Albert in May, and Hild: Abbess of Whitby by Jill Dalladay, coming in August.

The board is really an Introduction to and celebration of all things Old English, from clothing and food, to armour and buildings, to give viewers a sense of the age and the time. Since both the books are written by British-based authors, and from a British Publisher, it seems relevant. Enjoy....

The second board is quite similar to one of my posts on here, but slightly updated, displaying all of the Christian Fiction titles set in the Medieval period that have come out or are due for release this year. There may be more, but these are all I have found so far. Again, feel free to have a butchers, as Cockneys would say- or have a look in more widely known language.


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