An Uncomfortable Truth?

Visiting the website of author and Historian M.M.Bennetts last night as a break from essay writing bought up thus interesting article, revealing some perhaps uncomfortable truths about the war of 1812. I for one have recently developed an interest in this particular conflict, even though its far outside 'my' period of expertise, mainly because so many Christian Historical Novels seem to be set during this period.

Yet it would seem that is a period that is much misunderstood and oversimplified. Amongst other things it would seem that: 

  • Not only did Britain face the threat of Napoleon and a French takeover, but the Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated in the March of 1812
  • As many as 50% of the crews of American vessels may have been British born 
  • Thomas Jefferson and James Madison seem to have had a deep rooted hatred of the the British,  but the latter was was a 'confirmed Francophile', and may even have had dealings with Napoleon and...
  • The notion that the war was waged to defend 'sailors rights' was an 'absolute nonsense'..
The above might be challenging and controversial, but sometimes the truth, as they say, can be painful, yet it is, I believe necessary. Those interested in learning more may wish to read the following:

and another article I came across today..

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