Why Medieval?

On my 'About' page it states that this site is devoted mostly to Christian novels set in the Medieval period, or something like it. I say 'something like it' because actual Historical Fiction which is set in a real time/place and features real Historical figures will be included alongside Fantasy.

By 'fantasy' I do not necessarily mean 'sword and sorcery' type stories which feature Dragons, wizards, elves, hobbits and any other mythical or made up creature, though these may be included. Fantasy can mean here any novel that is based in a Fictional Place and has Fictional characters, it may not have any of the above, but still falls into the category of 'fantasy' because it is not set it a real time or place.

Getting back to subject, I focus on the Medieval era for 2 reasons.

1: This is a truly fascinating period that continues to intrigue and mystify, and seems to have virtually unlimited potential for storytellers.

Medieval tales can appeal to both children, with their love of brave knights, beautiful princesses and castles in fairytale style, and to the more mature tastes of adults.

These may well be the reasons why authors choose to set their stories at this time, and these are the stories I will be looking at.

2. The Medieval period is the one I know best, from years of study both at an amateur and an academic level.

Finally it must be said that I am not a Novelist, so my approach will be one of a reader. If this ever causes a problem, I crave your patient indulgence.


  1. Reader input is every bit as valuable as 'novelist' input. Keep doing what you're doing, girlie!

    1. Hi Michelle

      Thanks for the encouragement and kind words Good Lady. How did you find this 'old' post? Does it show up as a new one because I republished it?


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